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28 October, 2021
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SIBS CyberWatch

Launching of the new SIBS Security Operations Center

28 October, 2021


SIBS at the forefront of Cybersecurity

SIBS CyberWatch Security Operations Center

SIBS is currently inaugurating its new security operations centre, SIBS CyberWatch, which will act as a service provider in this area, extending the scope to national and international organizations and companies, and extending its operational area beyond financial services.

The Security Operations Center (SOC) will allow SIBS cybersecurity team to monitor, detect, and respond to cybersecurity incidents on a permanent basis, following the security standards of the SIBS Group and the practices already developed for the financial services area.

SIBS' security and anti-fraud solutions and services are already highly recognized, and the group reinforced this area by acquiring Multicert, which also expanded its skills and team.

Madalena Cascais Tomé, CEO of the SIBS Group, explains that the creation of this centre was a natural step for the organization. “Since security is one of the key factors in SIBS' activity and also a reference in Security and Anti-Fraud solutions and services, the creation of a Security Operations Center (SOC) and the launch of the new SIBS CyberWatch service was clearly a natural evolution of SIBS".

According to the information, "SIBS CyberWatch intends to reinforce solutions and services in this area not only to large companies, but also to SMEs, taking into account that cybercrime is an increasingly inescapable reality, transversal to several companies and sectors, and in clear technological evolution and modus operandi".

The company envisions "a rapid and consistent growth of the centre", explains Pedro Barbosa, Head of SIBS CyberWatch, who leads a specialized team with a high degree of seniority and experience.

The rise of cybercrime and cyber-attacks and fraud is a concern of all organizations that do not always have the resources and knowledge to be effectively protected. The SIBS CyberWatch Security Operations Centre (SOC) was designed for these situations, functioning as a service, and reinforcing the capacity to protect against cyber-attacks and mitigate their effects.

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